For total relaxation, an unforgettable experience and full revitalisation of your spirit.


In today’s hectic world the importance of full relaxation and maintaining the balance of body and soul must be upheld.

OldRuitenborgh Wellness treatments

Therefore slip away from the bustling activities filling your everyday lives and immerse yourself in one of most prestigious and exclusive wellness centres of the region, Chamomilla. This recently renovated wellness centre offers a delectable range of massage, facial and body treatments in four luxurious treatment rooms. OldRuitenborgh has, in collaboration with Chamomilla, put together several treatments exclusively for their customers to enjoy. Let the Beauty Cruise treatment help you focus on relaxation or rekindle your feelings of well-being and energy with the Healthy Hour signature treatment.  Quick Fit is most perfect for complete relaxation and full revitalisation of the spirit whereas the Running Up treatment will lead to full re-energization. Requesting spa service will be done through the reception. Please contact us at for more information or reservation.

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